Welcome to League of Angels: Fire RaidersEdit

This wiki is about the mobile game League of Angels: Fire Raiders by GTArcade. We provide information about the Angels and Heroes and Gameplay aspects so that you can get the most out of your playing experience.

Getting StartedEdit

If you are a new player, we suggest you take a look at the Heroes and Angels pages as understanding the members of your teams is going to be critical to success in LoA: FR. After that, take a look at the Gameplay section to read more about the various activities in the game.

Also, the Category Index provides a dynamic way to explore all the categories of information we have available on the wiki.


If you'd like to help out with content / editing, we suggest you take a look at the Community-corner for the latest update on our progress and goals.

Our Wiki Help page has some tips on providing content for the wiki. In particular, pages like LoA: FR Wiki Table Formats and our Template documentation pages will help understand what we've done to make editing our content easier.

For more about the wiki itself, please check the Wiki Topics category of pages!

Admin TeamEdit

If you have any suggestions for the wiki that you think would make things easier to find or information we aren't covering, please drop a line to one of the admins here:

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