Guild LeaderEdit

The Guild Leader is in charge of the guild overall. They, along with the optional 1 or 2 Vice-Leaders, have several Rights for managing the guild.


A Guild Leader can promote 1 or 2 Vice-Leaders to help run the guild. With a few exceptions, Vice-Leaders have all of the same Rights as the Guild Leader.


The rank-and-file membership of the Guild. With the exception of the 3 members of the Guild Leadership, everyone is considered a Member.

Note that Membership Ranks, and Leadership Rights are set by GTArcade and cannot be modified.

Leadership RightsEdit

Guild leadership have several rights in common, including:

  • Recruiting at the Guild Hall
    • Broadcast the automated recruit message on World chat
    • Set level requirements and turn/on off Auto-Join at the Guild Hall
    • Approve/deny those who didn't meet the auto-join level requirement
    • Kick a Member out of the Guild
  • Set the message on the Billboard
  • Set the target chapter in the Treasure Raid

Only the Guild Leader can...

  • Promote a Member to Vice-Leader
    • And demote a Vice-Leader to Member (to make room for a new Vice)
  • Promote a Vice-Leader to Leader
    • This effectively turns the guild leadership over to them
    • Note that the current Leader will become a Member, not a Vice-Leader
  • Disband the Guild

Rules of SuccessionEdit

A common question is "What happens if my Guild Leader is inactive?"

After 72 hours without logging in, the game will automatically demote the inactive Leader to Member and promote a new Leader.

Important: the game will promote the highest level player to Leader (or will choose randomly if several are the same level). The game does not automatically promote one of the Vice-Leaders.

For this reason, if a Guild Leader knows that they will be offline for 3 days or longer, it is highly recommended that they manually promote someone they trust to be the leader during their absence. GTArcade cannot help you if you are inactive for 72+ hours and your guild ends up in the hands of someone who refuses to give it back to you (or worse, /kicks you out!)

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