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I've created some CSS styles for those times when we want to use a table to organize things into a grid, but we don't want to have internal borders cluttering the view.

loa-box styleEdit

I'm using IDs in the CSS for the box elements as the ID attribute has a higher order of prcedence than the standard "class" attribute does.

There are IDs for the various positions on the box. It will be more clear if I show an example. The following table is created using our base style for tables as follows:

{| class="loa-table loa-center"

Then, each cell is created with a style similar to:

| id="box-topleft" | box-topleft

I will put the IDs I've used as the contents of each cell to help it make sense visually


  Left Middle Right
Top box-topleft box-topmid box-topright
Middle box-midleft box-middle box-midright
Bottom box-botleft box-botmid box-botright

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